The necessity of protecting personal data from undesired access.

Nodrive allows you to create on your computer one or more virtual discs that are encrypted with your access key.

In this way, your data will always be safe from prying eyes and unauthurized access; at the same time, utilizing the Cloud makes sure your data will always be protected against unintentional losses caused by damages or cyber attacks.


Share data in a safe way

Nodrive not only protects you from unauthorized accesses to your data, it goes beyond, enabling you to share the content of your disk with other users. If you need to share data in a confidential way, Nodrive is the solution to your problems.

This Nodrive’s feature is particularly useful for a professional body or company where confidentiality needs to coexist with the diffusion of information.


Anti Ransomware protection

Blurring of the disks from the operating system and protection of data from Ransomware on different levels!


Different authentication account on every disk that is requested in addition to the log-in user.

High reliability

Strong architecture that is organized for the protection of your data, utilizing different layers of cryptographic keys organized in a waterfall structure.

All your data secured

Tolerance towards mistakes at a file level guarantees the best integrity of your data. An automatic distribution of the files is in palce to protect them from unintentional deletions.


Randomization and blurring of the files combined with AES-256 bit and TwoFish encryption.


Available for Windows®

Fragmented and encrypted data

Throughout the owner’s algorithm the data is organized in encrypted blocks (AES/TwoFish) that are directly distributed in the Could in an anonymous and untraceable way, making thus impossible to trace back the original document. Only the user owning the key will be able to decrypt the original document and access its content.

Disk and file level protection

Our solution is not limited in the creation of an encrypted disk. All the fragmented files are encrypted and untraceable between each others. This makes impossible for cyber attacks to rebuild the data.

Security master

Nodrive offers a 360 degree protection throughout a variety of encrypted mechanisms, that follow a waterfall structure. The utilization of an additional and separeted login process is in place to ensure protection against unathourized login’s attempts.

Data is distributed on different storages

The fragments altogether are never memorized in only one storage, this makes impossible for an unauthorized user to recombine or decrypt the document.

Data reconstruction

The exact sequence of the single blocks is memorized on a map, which can be accessed only from the document’s owner. In addition, the map can also be saved separately (E.g. USB Pen-drive).

  •   What is Nodrive?
  • You can think to Nodrive as a normal disk of your pc ('C' o 'D' for instance). The main difference is that the disk can be opened or closed at any time and that all the files contained are encrypted at the source.

  •   Do I have to install Nodrive on my pc?
  • Yes. Nodrive encrypts files directly on your pc. This ensures that only the owner of the disk is able to decrypt the data.

  •   Where are my files located?
  • It may seem strange but the answer is: we do not know!

    Nodrive guarantees that no file is ever stored in full and in plaintext on any media. Only fragments of files, encrypted and unrelated to each other, are stored on the Nodrive cloud.

  •   Are my files encrypted?
  • Yes, but not only. Through a proprietary algorithm each file is divided into blocks and each block is saved in the cloud on a different storage. Only the owner of the file has the map to rebuild and decrypt the file.

    Nodrive uses AES-256 encryption, TwoFish and high security protocols.

  •   On my pc I have little space, can I create a Nodrive disk?
  • Absolutely yes. You can think of Nodrive as a virtual or remote disk. The files are on the cloud but your disk is local.

    When you open a Nodrive disk, only the disk tree is displayed. All your data can continue to reside remotely without occupying local space.

  •   I lost my pc, can I recover my data?
  • Yes. If you have a Nodrive disk in the cloud, you can access your data at any time from another medium.

  •   They stole my pc, will they also steal my data?
  • Absolutely not. To access a Nodrive disk you must provide credentials. Your files are not on your computer but on our cloud and are inaccessible and unassailable.

  •   Does Nodrive protect me from Ransomware virus?
  • Yes. Nodrive offers the Anti-Ransomware mode that allows you to hide your disk from the virus. Your Nodrive disk is invisible to the system, effectively preventing an attack from the outside.

  •   Do I have to backup my data regularly?
  • No, it is not required. The Nodrive cloud is highly reliable and highly available. Nodrive keeps the history of file and disk changes so you can go back anytime.

  •   How do I use a Nodrive disk?
  • You can use a Nodrive disk like any other disk on your pc. At any time you can synchronize your data on the Nodrive cloud.

  •   Can I share a disk with other users?
  • Yes. You can create a shared disk and invite other users to collaborate. You can assign permissions to each user to limit their functionality.

  •   What does synchronizing data mean?
  • The synchronization operation allows you to transfer your changes to the cloud and at the same time integrate the most recent changes on the cloud.

    Change one or more files and when you think it is useful to make them visible to other users, synchronize them.

  •   Can I create a personal disk locally, not in the cloud?
  • Yes. You can create a personal disk and never publish it in the cloud. In this case, keep some specific peculiarities of Nodrive but you lose others.

    A local Nodrive disk stores files on your pc (in the form of encrypted fragments). You will have to worry about backing up and passing data on other media.

  •   I do not trust the cloud. Can I store data on my servers?
  • Yes. Nodrive is also distributed in "On-premises" mode. In this case all data will be stored on your servers.

    By purchasing the Nodrive server license you can manage the entire infrastructure in total autonomy. All data will reside on your disks exploiting the security and high reliability of Nodrive.

  •   I want to take down a Nodrive disk. Can I recover my data?
  • Certainly. At any time you will be able to transfer data from a Nodrive disk to any other local disk or cloud.

  •   I do not want to leave any traces. Could someone recover a deleted disk without my knowledge?
  • No. Once a disk or Nodrive file is deleted, no trace remains on the local system.

Security by design